Sunday, September 20, 2015

How to memorize pediatric genetic condition inheritance patters.

There are a few rules (sorry not mnemonics) to help you remember inheritance patterns

  1. If you do not know guess autosomal recessive as these are the most common.
  2. If it is a "deficiency" think autosomal recessive (unless you memorized it as X-Linked).
    1. Missing one copy of a protein is often not enough to be symptomatic.
  3. If it is really bad (kills before the patient would procreate) it is unlikely to be autosomal dominate unless is is related to a spontaneous mutation.
    1. Eg. Autosomal recessive polycystic kidney disease has a more severe phenotype then autosomal dominate polycystic kidney disease.
  4. There are not that many X-Linked conditions so memorize the popular ones. This should be easy as you always think of these conditions in boys
    1. Muscular dystrophy (Duchenne and Becker)
    2. OTC deficiency 
    3. Hemophilia A and B
    4. Fabry

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Pediatric abdominal tumors mnemonic

Remember the age of presentation by turning the letters sideways

( I ) Hepatoblastoma - presents at one year
( 2 ) Neuroblastoma - presents at two years
( 3) Wilms tumor - presents at three years

Thursday, April 23, 2009

If I could do it again. how to study for the USMLE Step one.

Now that the terror is over I can give my opinions for how to study for this test. Here are my 5 points

1. QUESTIONS. Work lots of questions. I personally did all of USMLE World and much of RX. Read all of the explanations and take notes in First Aid about the questions you get wrong.

2. Do not read too may or any books. All I used was First aid, Goljan path and Micro Ridiculously Simple. In retrospect Micro RS was more depth then was needed and I would recomend it only for refernce(especially good are the tables at the end of chapters). First Aid was good for organization of concepts and Goljan was the only book worth reading. Read Goljan while referencing First Aid for the matching physiology. Do this in the first two weeks and after that you should pretty much be only doing questions all day. The Goljan text is a great complement to the audio lectures that are being passed around.

3. LWW Pharm cards are really good for explaination of drug mechanisms. I would use them like a book doing 10 and taking notes in First aid. Don't stress about memorizing them as any relevent content will come up in one of the question banks.

4. Take your memorization slowly. Work on one hard table from first aid a day.

5. Have fun suckers I am DONE! Pediatrics mnemonics

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Krabbe's disease mnemonic image

Krabbe's disease mnemonic image

Edwards Syndrome Mnemonic Image

Edwards syndrome trisomy 18 image mnemonic
Edwards syndrome trisomy 18. He is a politician and voting age is 18.

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Glycogen synthase and glycogen phophorylase

Regulated by phosphorylation
phosphorylated in the phasting state. Phosphorylation activated catabolic enzymes while inactivating anabolic enzymes.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

If you Break you ARM

from proximal to distal:
Fractured Surgical head of the humerus or dislocation (A)Axillary
Fracture at midshaft of humerus (R)Radial
Fracture of supracondylar humerus (M) Median